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Banco de Dados de Esculturas Brasileiras

MuBE VIRTUAL is an innovative initiative in Brazil, containing information about the national sculptural production. This digital database is also a collaborative tool: any person can subscribe and post information about a certain artwork, or add data about sculptures already posted. The texts and photos published become a part of the database, and the collaborator’s name is credited.

At first, the research will focus on public sculptures in open spaces all over the country, then the collections of enclosed public spaces (such as museums, art galleries, libraries), and finally private collections. The access to this database will be unrestricted and free, with the only purpose of contributing for the recognition and knowledge of Brazilian art.

More comprehensive and interactive than a book or a guide, MuBE VIRTUAL is an online resource for public use, an extensive database about the national works of tridimensional art, updated periodically. This tool, for the first time in Brazil, turns the website into a reference regarding the country’s valuable sculpture heritage.



What is a sculpture?

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