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Banco de Dados de Esculturas Brasileiras

To collaborate with the Brazilian Sculptural Database, search for the sculptures located in public spaces in your city. Then, take a picture with your digital or cell phone camera, and save the images. Write down the address where the sculptures are located, as well as the information on the plaques (if there are any). Gather as much information as you can about the artwork from a public library or historical database if your city. Try to find out who the author was, which materials were used to make it, the year it was founded, and whatever else you can uncover.


After being posted on the website, the information and pictures of the sculptures will be a part of the database, and your name will be credited as a collaborator. The file for each artwork can be edited and updated by its author. In addition to this, our blog is an open channel for debate and discussion about tridimensional art, and so are our flickr and twitter accounts.


Watch the tutorial to post sculptures! (For a better view, select the option FullScreen on the player’s lower menu and navigate with the help of the arrows).


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